What are these Charges?

Parking industry operators and attendants issue Parking Charge Notices (PCN) for a number of reasons where road motorists have breached the site’s parking rules and regulations.

Some of these could consist of, but not limited to:

* Parking outside of marked bays
* Failing to pay and display tickets
* Unauthorised parking on private property and car parks
* Breaching allotted parking times and other terms

Unfortunately, not everyone tends to pay their PCNs in a timely manner, mainly due to vehicle users having been misled into believing that Parking Charge Notices are not legally enforceable.

More often than not, motorists seem to just ignore these PCNs, both the initial notices and the subsequent letters, assuming that the pursuant will either give up in frustration or just write it off. This information however is very misleading and can put the motorists in a position where they are now having to incur additional costs such as County Court applications fees and further solicitors’ fees over and above the original Parking Charge Notice.

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What can DRS do for you?

It is unfortunate when circumstances like the above happen. It can be a real nightmare trying to get a hold of vehicle drivers when they believe "ignoring the problem will make it vanish". This is where DRS comes in; you need not worry about chasing outstanding debts, we will ensure we handle everything on your behalf. We have a systematic process that enables us to recover monies owed to you and if necessary, take matters further by issuing legal proceedings at the County Courts. In most instances once motorists are hit with a summons to Court, they tend to fold under the pressure. However, rest assured that we have the knowledge and expertise to deal with the more persistent debtors at the Courts.

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