Why DRS?

Why use solicitors to recover your debt?

Using a Solicitor

It is always helpful to discuss your case with a qualified solicitor who is experienced or specialises in the field of debt recovery.

Solicitors can write a letter to the debtor who owes you money. This is known as a Letter Before Action.

The letter will tell the debtor that legal action will be taken if they don't pay and sets out the repercussions of not making the payment (from additional interest and costs, to bankruptcy and everything in between).

A well written solicitor's letter on letterheaded paper often produces quick results.

More importantly however, discussing your matter with one of our specialist solicitors at Debt Recovery Solicitors will help clearly identify your legal position. It will also help identify the courses of action and methods of recovery that would be available to your specific case.

Using Debt Recovery Agencies

There are companies which specialise in debt recovery.

You should bear in mind that they may not use legally trained staff. This can cause many problems later on down the line if they have not complied with the technical aspects of making a claim.

If for example a non legally qualified person were to file a claim form incorrectly this may lead to your whole claim being struck out and you being left with your agents costs and the debtor's costs due to an error made by an unqualified agent. This could easily be avoided by instructing qualified solicitor who are insured against errors.